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Solar power electrical concepts are initially confusing even for a small system. It’s understandable since the words defining a small solar powered electrical system are the same as those defining a system for a whole house!

Battery I

Why the deep cycle battery is the most common battery found in solar electrical energy systems; what makes it different.

Battery II

Different types of deep cycle batteries used in solar electrical systems and their benefits.

Battery III

Deep cycle batteries for solar energy systems come in different physical sizes; how to judge the appropriate battery size for your solar electrical system. Amps, watts, volts. About volts.

Amps, Watts, Volts

Amps and watts are important measurements to understand in choosing battery size requirements for your solar electrical system.


Good to Know Battery Facts

Understand some miscellaneous battery facts that make a difference when related to solar electrical applications.  

Solar Panels for Electricity I

How solar panels work in solar electrical applications, the different types, and how to choose them by type.

Solar Panels for Electricity II

Solar panels come in a variety of sizes as determined by watts; how to choose for your solar electrical application and planning your system requirements. Price by watt.

Solar Charge Controllers and Array Combiners

Choosing and understanding a charge controller and its’ place in your solar electrical system. Knowing amp and watt size is important.   

Solar Charge Controllers II  
Amps, Watts, Volts - Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Batteries

Amps, watts and volts are related to each other and to the components of any solar electrical system. Know how to convert one to another.  

DC, AC Inverters for Solar (Direct Current and Alternating Current)

Understanding and using the type of electrical current a solar electrical system can produce. Why add a power inverter.  

Power Inverters and Solar Energy

Access your electrical production using an inverter. Understand sine waves; modified sine waves, pure sine waves, inverters and their relationship to a solar electrical energy system.  

Solar Power System Wiring and Cable

Wiring and wiring size is just as important as anything else in a solar electrical system. How to choose wire sizes.

Type of Wire and Connectors

Why “stranded” wire, common connectors, and easy mistakes to make in wiring a solar electrical system, big or small.

Final Thoughts - Summary

My Solar Set-up
Panels, array combiner, charge controller, battery, Inverters.


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Solar News
Positive solar energy news from around the world.


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