Solar Powered Picnic Table

Student designs outdoor table that will charge phones, computers, etc.

Solar Technology is changing food production
New agricultural concepts are producing tons of food in areas around the world in spite of challenging growing conditions.

Record Breaking Solar Panel
Japan develops super efficient solar panel.

Solar Powered Floating Farm
The future could see floating farms producing tons of vegetables annually.

Slums and Solar
Experimental iShacks are bringing solar energy to South African slums.

New Solar Energy World Wildlife Fund Report
Solar photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources could generate 100% of energy needs by 2050 while using very insignificant amounts of land.

Google’s New Solar Map

New tool to help you determine the solar potential of your roof. Houston and Los Angeles are two of the top ten cities for solar as one might expect with all that sun, but New York is on the list as well.

Brooklyn Solar Experiment Experiment
Neighbors buying and selling electricity, bypassing utility companies.

Solar Powered Volta Racer

Teach your child about solar energy and get him or her a cool gift as well. They just can’t play with it on rainy days.

California Produced Too Much Solar Power

Waste of energy can be a consequence when lots of people are utilizing alternative energy.

San Francisco 49ers‘ Solar Stadium
Solar power will be used to offset some energy expense at home games.